Thursday, May 19, 2011

Je suis désolée...

Apology is a lovely perfume; it can transform the clumsiest moment into a gracious gift.  -Margaret Lee Runbeck

So, friends, I have been a bad little blogger, particularly in the crucial first stages of launching my project.  For this I must say I am sincerely sorry.  But!  I have been working on upcoming blog projects, and hopefully exciting things are just 'round the corner.  Stay with me and I promise, I won't let you down.

Current news includes my acceptance of Wayne State's grad school offer.  I will begin classes in the late summer, and I have been awarded a teaching assistantship- basically a job as a TA- which means not only means teaching experience while in school (yay!) but also the chance to add some stylish but sophisticated and work-appropriate ensembles to my wardrobe.  My current obsession includes the following Modcloth items... I might not be able to resist snatching them up much longer...

Also I am trying to plan a vacation with my best friend, Melanie.  We will both be committed to grad school within the next year or so, and since we've never been anywhere together, I've got a bunch of miles saved up, and we're jones-ing for an exciting way to celebrate a decade and a half of best friendship, we're thinking of hopping a plane to Bermuda to soak up the some rays, break out the sundresses, and sample numerous tropical cocktails like the Dark 'n Stormy.  What of the triangle, you ask?  I can't think of a better land to be lost in than one with sparkling beaches!

Lastly, I am hoping to make a trip up north soon to visit my grandparents.  And in honor of them, I am going to bust out some vintage family photos.  I was originally planning to save these for once my blog was more established, but it is my hope that on my trip I can discover and digitize more... I also plan to bring both of my grandmothers into this project and see if either has any vintage clothes or shoes they've saved across the decades.  Actually, I was named for them... take Kay and Ellie and find a unique inspiration for Kaleigh! 

Below are pictures of my father's parents, Kay and Harold.  Both of my grandmothers were complete babes... case in point below.  What we all wouldn't do to have inherited those delicate features and that bone structure!

That was my grandmother's high school graduation picture from 1941.  She actually grew up very close to the house I'm living in now, and she went to high school at the same school I attended for elementary fifty years later.  She used to tell me stories about the building... for instance, there is a rather austere marble statue of Abraham Lincoln in the school auditorium, and someone in her class dumped a can of red paint on his head!  I'm not sure how they cleaned him, but I never would have known.

Here's my grandpa Harold, two years later in his army best.  Both my grandfather and my great uncle (the man who married my grandmother's sister) served in WWII.  My grandfather actually spent a significant amount of time in Panama at the canal.  He is the most good-humored person I know, I adore my grandpa.

Below I've included some great photos from their wedding.  The first is my grandfather on the left and his brother (and best man) Howard on the right.

I love this little shot of the church with all the old cars parked out front.  My boyfriend, Ian, would absolutely kill for one of those antique beauties...

And finally, after the ceremony...

My absolute favorite is the candid profile of my grandmother as she tries to hold her veil on (it was a very windy afternoon).  She is smiling and so radiant, and at first I didn't even notice my grandpa smiling and laughing in the background... what a happy moment.  What do you all love about your old family photos?

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  1. I love looking at old photographs. These are just stunning! Love that last shot!
    xo TJ


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