Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A little poem to start the day...

The Four Moon Planet
Billy Collins
I have often envied the four-moon planet.  -The Notebooks of Robert Frost
Maybe he was thinking of the song
"What a Little Moonlight Can Do"
and became curious about
what a lot of moonlight might be capable of.

But wouldn't this be too  much of a good thing?
and what if you couldn't tell them apart
and they always rose together
like pale quadruplets entering a living room?

Yes, there would be enough light
to read a book or write a letter at midnight,
and if you drank enough tequila
you might see eight of them roving brightly above.

But think of the two lovers on a beach,
his arm around her bare shoulder,
thrilled at how close they were feeling tonight
while he gazed at one moon and she another.

My love affair with the poetry of Billy Collins is unending, but this is one of my favorites.  A poem about moons in the morning you say?  Why yes, I just love it so much.  What are some of your favorite poems?

Before the day is over look for a polish post (as in nails, mes amies) and a charming story on a favorite bracelet of mine.  I'm also working on an "inspiration board"... stay tuned!

I shall leave you with this semi-recent post from The Satorialist that's been the background on my computer for the last few days... I'm loving this shot and especially the blues in her floral frock!  I've been thinking of spring and I can't get those pale, powdered blues and pinks out of my head!

Borrowed from The Satorialist

Happy morning!

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