Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Don't throw anything away...

A little Madness in the Spring, Is wholesome even for the King.  -Emily Dickinson

In just under the wire (the Evening with Mitch Albom was excellent but ran long... though he did give me his opinion on where I should go to grad school) I am back with the promised polish update.

My mother has promised to bring my camera ASAP, in the meantime I'm keeping my photos to a minimum because they are such poor quality.  But at the moment I have spring fever, and I am therefore obsessed with all shades of pale pinks.  Below: the essentials for the perfect mani-pedi!

From left: NYC Long Wearing Enamel in Long Wearing Clear, Sally Hansen Emery Board, OPI Nail Laquer in Got a Date To-Knight, Melon of Troy, and Aphrodite's Pink Nightie

For a successful manicure, I like OPI products because they are hard-wearing; I've washed lots of dishes in the triple sink while tending bar and this polish doesn't chip off in a few days as the less-expensive brands do. Before applying any color, I cut my nails to a uniform length.  Next I always do two coats of color, because more often than not you need at least two to get anywhere near the color that appears within the bottle (it's true), and it also helps even out streaks if you're like me and don't have the most splendid self-mani skills.  My secret weapon is a clear top coat of long-wearing enamel (I like NYC because it does the job without breaking the bank, and fakes that glossy salon-shine finish with any polish).  Finally, every girl needs a cute file, and mine of course has shoes!  I use this Sally Hansen emery board gently along the edge of each nail- always in the same direction, never back and forth as this will weaken nails!- to remove any extra globs of uneven polish.  Then, ta-da!

Again, apologies for the quality, I'm working diligently to bring you better.  I selected Aphrodite's Pink Nightie for my polish.  I am a huge fan of quirky names for polish and lipstick especially, and anytime I can get something with an art history twist I'm hooked.  My Melon of Troy is a close second, but Aphrodite's Pink Nightie has got to be the cutest and most clever shade title I've come across thus far.  It's also my current favored pink!  To top it off, I'm a Natalie Merchant lover and have lately been hooked on her most recent CD called "Leave Your Sleep," which is an incredibly creative project of nursery rhymes set to music (she worked with dozens of musicians from all over the world, check it out!)  My favorite song is called "It Makes a Change" and is about a Greenland Whale who sits on the mantelpiece in Auntie Mabel's nightie... too adorable!  Between the goddess of love and cross-dressing whales, it seems nighties are where it's at!

But before I curl up with a mug of tea and my new signed copy of "Have a Little Faith" I will tell you about that thick pink-hued bracelet.  Yes friends, look closely.  Are those?  They are!  Little vintage scenes of romance: stolen kisses, bombshells with eyes half-closed and lips parted.  My!  Now one of my staple pieces (I love a good bracelet, they're my new jewelry preoccupation), this was a gift many years ago that I never, ever wore.  I received it in junior high as a thank you from my good friend's mother for agreeing to sing with a group of my choir members at a family funeral.  Because I was so touched, I never got rid of it even though at the time it couldn't have been farther from my style.

It would appear my friend's mother has uncanny foresight.

Unique statement bracelet?  Pin ups?  Vintage inspired?  Gift with touching story?  It doesn't get any better than that!  I rediscovered this piece at the bottom of my jewelry box earlier this year and now I can't stop wearing it.  I'll have to post a better picture of all the little pin up vixens (each is her own piece of art) once my camera is returned, but I just couldn't wait to share one of my current go-to pieces.

What are some accessories you all use to jazz up the every day look?  And what current polish colors are you sporting?


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